Thursday, May 10, 2012

Central Michigan University, School Pride Scholarship Submission

 Central Michigan University, 
It may sound like just another university name, but it is so much more. It is a magical place to me.

I was first introduced to Central Michigan University, or CMU as it is known, by a biology high school teaching assistant who had graduated from there.

She was the mentor of the Herbology Club my sister and I started in high school. Living in Gladwin, Michigan CMU's Mount Pleasant Campus wasn't a far away place, but it was worlds away in its personality and what it offered.

Our mentor scheduled a tour of the greenhouse at CMU, and it was magical. The vividly green palm trees inside, small indoor pond that squiggled about, the thick oxygenated air that nearly makes you high, the large goldfish swimming about, and the separate rooms for desert and archaic plants all spoke volumes to me in a way that no class offerings, tuition prices, or friend recommendations ever could. This greenhouse spoke to my soul, it was a deep natural, guttural connection.
Blossoms on CMU campus 4/25/12

"This greenhouse spoke to my soul, it was a deep natural, guttural connection"

I started dual enrolling at the local community college and eventually finished. I fulfilled my certification through them and transfered to CMU. Much of my first semester I somehow got caught up in classes, requirements, Major and Minor thoughts, learning the campus, cultural activities etc.....that I somehow forgot about that magical place.

During what is known as Earth Fair, a celebration of earth day, I visited a booth that had plants for sale. They were with the biology students at the greenhouse. One student told me how it was open to the public, and tours are not needed to visit. This was mind blowing. This whole time I thought you had to schedule a tour to see what was in the magical place!

I left after talking with her, and went straight to the greenhouse. There I looked in wonder. It had grown. There were more plants, it was more lush, was the air that thick with richness before?

For the rest of the semester I always visited, and signed the guest book, and read, or studied leisurely in the room of magic.

Jane Goodall Making a Difference Speech at CMU
Great visitors at the CMU Events Center!

Of course there are many other great attributes to CMU, like the on campus cultural events, guest speakers (this semester we had Jane Goodall come! I got to meet her, and ask her questions for the school newspaper!), its general friendly open persona, not to mention CMU's phenomenal Charles Park Library. 

School pride is more than school colors, fraternities, sororities, and football games. It's about knowing that there are people from all interests, gathered together in their own unique ways! While some people find their calling with football or fraternities and sororities, I found that other people have wide variety of interests, some the same as mine.

Outside of the greenhouse, I can often be found at CMU's Park library which has 33 miles of compact book shelving! Browsing in the comfy feeling Mary Dow Reading Room, or sitting on the 4th floor by the huge windows that let in all the calming sunshine. The library has such an ecclectic look, but oddly it all goes great together.

This is the feeling of most everywhere on CMU's campus; an eclectic gathering of people, places, and dreams, that fit together, oddly and magically enough. I am proud to be a student at  CMU!

"Whether it's your school's culture, quality of teaching, or close-knit community, every college experience is unique, but that doesn't make it any less valuable. So, because your education is worth so much, wants to help you pay for it.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dear Coffee: My relationship described.

Dear Coffee:

Real coffee, not the Frappa-cappa-sugarfied/syrupy imitation products.
I love your pleasant aroma,
your sometimes pretentious aura,
the bitter taste coupled with sweet pure honey of my choice,
the great combination of cream and you, how you warm my hands on a cold blustery day, function as a pick-me-up when I feel blue,
all these things I dearly do enjoy.

However, As soon as I drink you I can feel my lips begin to shrivel and crack,
their moisture begins to wane,
the dehydration headache begins to emerge,
sleepiness creeps up on me, I start to jitter and become irritated by these symptoms.
As soon as the cup is nearly half gone I must down some water.
The waters effects are nearly instantaneous!
My lips plump back to normal, my headache recedes, the jitters and irritation leaves me as well. Why must you be this way?
I have to drink, and drink and drink much water prior to you if I want to avoid this.
Apparently this is the story of my relationship with coffee.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 26 and 27 Reverb Response

Day 26. What steps are you taking in 2012 to become healthier?
Thanks for the cookies people, but NO MAS (No more)! 2010 was my year where I focused so hard on being healthy, 2011 was more introspective.

I was and still am pretty healthy in my habits. I don't eat refined foods, foods from boxes and cans are pretty limited, I make fruits and vegetables a priority, and I love to bike, but Health wasn't as big of a focus this year as it was in 2010.

So steps: The big one for me would be portion sizes, and to stay away from eating with people who eat unhealthily.

Day 27. What food did you try this year?
OOH! I have tried bunches of new foods.
The weird one: Raw Horse meat in Japan.
Others: Scallops, Onigiri (Rice Balls) Plantains, seaweed paste, Okonomiyaki, Tacoyaki, Gyudon, Japanese Curry, and more.

Day 24 and 25 Reverb Response

Day 24. Did you take a risk this year?
Absolutely! As many as I could....well sort of. Some types of risks, other risks I don't mess with. To me Health risks are fairly off limits, like eating crap foods (i.e. boxed dinners). Most of the risks were of the personal sort-doing things that are typically uncharacteristic of me. Going up to people and just talking to them, breaking barriers that are mostly social in structure.

As for other types of risks, not so much. No jumping from planes or driving sans the seatbelt for me. In that I am pretty safe. But I am now constantly trying new things and THAT has been a great experience. I have found some cool new foods, places to eat, new books songs, movies etc. Actually that has been the theme for this year-trying new things in general.

As weird or abnormal as it sounds I hate paying for a haircut. And I had never had a GREAT haircut. I am lucky to get an OK one, let alone a great one. So for the last three years (about 1 cut per year in my world) I have tried to get this one cut. It never worked out, and someone even gave me a rat tail partial mullet-yeah go to Japan with a rat tail mullet, thats another risk in itself geez?!

I went on my birthday a few days ago and tried for the same cut again. And it was an amazing birthday present. IT was and is amazing! I love it. It worked, the photos above are of the cut I went for, not of me. But eh I took a risk and it finally paid off! And it was only $8!!!!! ^_-

Day 25. Do you consider yourself in good health?

Sometimes, and in some ways. Compared to other peoples choices I sometimes feel Yes. But I feel I have a ways to go to keep myself in good health. Am I sick? No, Have I been? No. So for now I say Yes I am. And in the meantime that can be chalked up as another goal for this year, to become as healthy as I hope to be.

Day 22 and 23 Reverb Response

Day 22. What was your favorite new song?
I just found one today I really like, "I need a Dollar" from Aloe Blacc, but I have a few. Whirring and Cradle from The Joy Formidable, and "Chem Trails" by the new band from Mt Pleasant MI called Cloudstrider.

Plus I have also discovered a love of older music. From the 20's through 70's. Before I had a huge love of 80's-90's music, but I am loving such classics from the 1920's and 30's Thats probably why I like the song "I need a Dollar" from Aloe Blacc since it has an almost raggtime/Jazzy feel and when he says "Hey Hey" he sounds like Fat Albert.

Day 23. How do you relax?
First I have to remember to breathe, slowly. Then, Chamomile tea or any tea usually helps. So does doing Yoga early in the day.
But I also like to watch TV series's like Supernatural (though thats a bit tense-scary demons!) but Shows like Gokusen, Kimi wa petto, Hana Yori dango need I say any more? Matsumoto jun. Bike rides accompanied with music also help a bunch.

Red Wine + TV Show + cushy bed + soft pajama pants made from cotton (that fleece stuff is to staticky!) = BLISS

Day 20 and 21 Reverb Response

Day 21. What would you change?
I want to change the world. I want people to see other people as people too in their own way. I would like to change that.

Day 20. What makes you smile?
Simple pleasures, the falling snow, beautiful Autumn leaves, a nice cup of tea, a nice sleep in, chat with friends over tea or coffee, or a good funny movie with friends.

Day 18 and 19 Reverb Response

Day 19. What brings you peace?

Seeing happy people. Seeing people enjoying life, laughing, reading, jogging, etc. It is comforting!

Day 18. What scares you?
Undoubtedly, Losing people. I am always afraid that I will lose the people who mean the most to me. It is a constant nagging fear. I try not to leave someone in anger and to always make sure they know I love them, just in case. That way if they did go, they at least knew they were loved and they matter. That is what scares me, them not knowing and the loss itself.